Outdoor fires

Outdoor rubbish fires

Most local councils have bylaws dealing with outdoor rubbish fires, including incinerators, for safety reasons and to control pollution. Bylaws may:

  • ban outdoor fires and incinerators
  • require the person setting the fire to have a council or Fire Service permit
  • restrict outdoor fires to certain areas or times of the year
  • require that a hose is available that is connected to a pressurised water supply
  • require outdoor fires to be set a certain distance away from buildings, trees, or fences
  • ban fires at night
  • require steps to be taken to minimise smoke.

What about outdoor cooking?

Outdoor fires for the purposes of cooking, such as hangi, umu and barbecues, are usually permitted at any time, providing adequate fire safety precautions are taken. However, there may sometimes be specific restrictions in force (for example, during a dry summer). Because the situation varies from district to district and on prevailing weather conditions, it is advisable to check with the local council or fire service on any specific restrictions that are in force.

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