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Disputes Tribunal – www.justice.govt.nz/tribunals/disputes-tribunal

This website includes general information about how to apply, fees, the hearing process, and appeals.

You can apply online at:
www.justice. govt.nz/tribunals/disputes-tribunal/apply-online

Some Disputes Tribunal decisions are available to read at: www.justice.govt.nz/ tribunals/disputes-tribunal/decisions-of-note

Community Law – www.communitylaw. org.nz

Your local Community Law Centre can provide free initial legal advice and can help you apply to the Disputes Tribunal or defend a claim there.

Citizens Advice Bureau – www.cab.org.nz

Phone (0800 FOR CAB) 0800 367 222

Contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau for information about the Disputes Tribunal process.

Consumer NZ – www.consumer.org.nz

This provides information on how the Disputes Tribunal works, your rights at the hearing and how to file a claim.

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