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Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) – www.acc.co.nz


Claims helpline: 0800 101 996
Treatment Injury and Sexual Abuse (sensitive claims): 0800 735 566
Accidental death: 0800 222 075
Deaf community fax: 0800 332 354
Email: claims@acc.co.nz

General enquiries

Phone: (04) 816 7400
Email: information@acc.co.nz

Complaints and appeals

Office of the Complaints Investigator

Phone: 0800 650 222
Email: complaints@acc.co.nz

ACC produces a wide range of publications on topics relating to accident compensation. Publications can be ordered free of charge on www.acc.co.nz

Reviews by FairWay Resolution – www.fairwayresolution.com

FairWay Resolution provides dispute-resolution services for people who have complaints about ACC. When you apply for an ACC decision to be reviewed, an independent reviewer will meet with you. This reviewer usually comes for FairWay Resolution.

Email: fairwayinfo@fairwayresolution.com
Auckland office phone: (09) 915 8200
Wellington office phone: (04) 918 4900
Christchurch office phone: (04) 962 9000

Sexual abuse claims (“Sensitive” claims)

ACC Sensitive Claims team

Phone: 0800 735 566
Email: sensitiveclaims@acc.co.nz

Find Support website – https://findsupport.co.nz

This is an ACC website that will help you find information and support. You can click on “Find a therapist” on the home page to find a therapist in your area who can help you begin the process of making an ACC claim.

Support organisations

Community Law – www.communitylaw.org.nz

Your local Community Law Centre can provide free initial legal advice and information.

Medical Council of NZ – www.mcnz.org .nz

The Medical Council registers doctors in New Zealand and has responsibilities in the areas of standards, conduct and competence.

Privacy Commissioner – www.privacy.org.nz

The Privacy Commissioner has a wide range of functions, including investigating complaints about breaches of privacy, running education programmes, and examining proposed legislation and how it may affect individual privacy.

Health and Disability Commissioner – www.hdc.org.nz

Health and Disability advocates are available to help users of health services make complaints about their health service provider. Health and Disability advocates are free.

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