Driving and traffic law: What this chapter covers

This chapter deals with:

  • the powers of police officers and parking wardens to enforce traffic laws
  • the main driver responsibilities and the associated offences and penalties – for example, driving without a licence, or driving dangerously or carelessly
  • drink/drug driving, including the different offences and penalties and the testing processes the police use
  • street-racing, wheel-spinning and “cruising”
  • accidents and your responsibilities
  • court processes for the different categories of driving offences
  • losing your licence – including suspensions and disqualifications from driving, the demerit point system, and the process for getting a limited licence
  • when you can lose your vehicle – including the temporary impounding of vehicles for traffic offences, and the permanent confiscation (and sometimes destruction) of vehicles
  • getting towed, and your rights when dealing with tow-truck operators.

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