Protection against unfair treatment

What this chapter covers

Discrimination is when you’re treated unfairly because, for example, you’re a woman, or Muslim or gay. But not all discrimination is against the law. This chapter explains when racist, homophobic or other bigoted behaviour is illegal and what you can do about it if it is illegal.

The chapter:

  • gives an overview of the anti-discrimination laws
  • explains the different grounds on which it’s illegal to discriminate – for example, because of your race or gender (see “Race, gender and other illegal grounds of discrimination”)
  • explains the different areas of public life that the anti-discrimination laws apply to – for example, housing and education (see “Jobs, flats, shops and other areas of life where discrimination is illegal”)
  • tells you what you can do if you’re discriminated against, including who to complain to first (see “Taking action: What you can do if you’re discriminated against”).

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