Privacy and information: overview

This chapter explains:

  • the kinds of information and the kinds of organisations covered by the privacy and information rules in the Privacy Act
  • the rules for when and how public and private-sector organisations can collect, store, use, access and disclose your information
  • how you can get access to information that public and private-sector organisations hold about you, and get the information corrected if it’s wrong
  • about privacy codes of practice under the Act for particular areas of life, like health services and credit reporting
  • information-matching and information-sharing by government agencies
  • how to complain to the Privacy Commissioner if the privacy and information laws are broken.

    Note: For information on the privacy and information laws in relation to schools and students, see the separate book Problems at School, published by Community Law Wellington and Hutt Valley in 2016. This edition of the Community Law Manual no longer includes a separate chapter on schools and students’ rights; that information is now dealt with in the new Problems at School.

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