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Communtity Law Manual | Work & Income | Overview of the different benefits

Types of benefits

Overview of the different benefits

What to apply for in your situation

This section explains what main benefits and other payments you may be able to get in your particular situation:

Income testing: How much you’re allowed to earn

Will I be income-tested?

All the working-age main benefits are income-tested – that is, tested against how much you earn. The amount you’ll get will be reduced (“abated”) if you earn more than a certain amount, see “How earning money will affect your benefit (‘Abatement‘)” under “Benefit rates: How much you’ll get, and how much you can earn”.

The working-age main benefits aren’t asset-tested – that is, you won’t be refused a benefit or have your benefit reduced because of how much savings or other property you have.

Some of the additional payments and allowances you might qualify for aren’t income-tested (for example, the Child Disability Allowance) – we explain this below.

New Zealand Superannuation (NZ Super) isn’t income-tested or asset-tested, except that if you have a partner aged under 65 there may be an income test.

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