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Community Law Manual 2017-18

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The Community Law Manual 2017-18 is a trail-blazing resource that helps Kiwis (and their advocates) help themselves.

The Manual contains over 900 pages of easy-to-read legal info, on just about every area of community and personal life. Re-released every year in July, the Manual provides comprehensive answers to common legal questions.

New in the Community Law Manual 2017–2018 (released in July)

  • New chapter: “Immigration”. Immigration law is notoriously complicated and policies can change really often, making it difficult for refugees, immigrants and community workers to keep up. This year, the manual has tackled this problem so you don’t have to. Our brand new chapter explains how New Zealand’s immigration system works, with content about: applying for visas, how to claim refugee status, deportation, what your options are if you’re here illegally, when and how you can challenge decisions by Immigration NZ and more.
  • Chapter rewrites: we’ve worked really hard on making our content more accessible and easy to read. Check out the “Accident Compensation”, “Credit and debt”, “Consumer protection”, “The Disputes Tribunal” and “Police Powers” chapters.
  • We have included in this year’s Manual better information about Sensitive Claims under ACC. These claims can provide compensation if you’ve suffering from depression or other mental harm because of sexual abuse or sexual assault. This reflects the recent changes in the law which include initial free access to therapy and the ability for people to be covered for longer. People are also able to enter and exit the system for support at any time; family and whānau are also able to seek help free of charge. The Manual explains how to make one of these claims, the process involved and your rights to review if a claim of this nature is rejected. We have included information about this as well as contacts for valuable organisations and services which can assist with many different aspects of these serious issues including Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse HELP.
  • Every year, we update the manual to make sure it is legally accurate and this year we have taken in multiple changes to the law, including changes to our child protection laws which have now been broadened to include 17 year olds, changes requiring smoke alarms in rental properties, and the reclassification of NBOMe synthetic drugs (N-Bombs).
  • Legal updates to the “Tenancy”, “Child, Youth and Family”, “Work and Income”, “A death in the family”, “Consumer protection”, “Criminal courts” and “Harassment and bullying” chapters.

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By buying a copy of the Community Law Manual, you are directly contributing to a fairer, more accessible justice system, and to better results for people with less. (You are of course also getting a hard copy of the Community Law Manual, a good-looking and very useful book to have at hand when you, your family, or people you work with need some help. And you are improving the chances that we can continue to make this information available, next year and beyond.)


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