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There’s a lot you can do to help yourself, without getting lawyers involved. Perhaps you want to send a formal letter to your boss, telling them how you’re being bullied at work. Perhaps you want to do some research about your rights at school, or if you’re the victim of a crime, or if you’re in prison. Perhaps, if you’re really brave, you might want to teach a group of your peers or students about a particular area of the law, like Alcohol and Drugs, or Sex and Health, or Cars.

All the resources we produce are free to download, but you can also buy printed copies of some of our pamphlets and books.

“You gain a
sense of control,
which is cool."

Sonya, student
The Community Law Manual

The Manual contains over 1000 pages of easy-to-read legal info and comprehensive answers to common legal questions. From ACC to family law, health & disability, jobs, benefits & flats, Tāonga Māori, immigration and refugee law and much more, the Manual covers just about every area of community and personal life.

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Check out our easy-to-read, relevant legal guides. These guides are full of answers to the questions and problems real people face.

You can download these publications for free or you can buy hard copies through the bookshop. We have different prices for community groups and commerical agencies.

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Law Reform Pipeline

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The Law Reform Pipeline keeps track of the progress of bills and other law reform initiatives of particular importance to the community. The pipeline is updated monthly and we read through the fine-print and summarise potential changes to make sure our community is informed about upcoming law reform.

Upcoming law changes

Legal letters

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We’ve written a range of draft letters and template legal applications to help you communicate and enforce your legal rights. Click a topic heading below to see a list of letters and applications about that topic. Then just download the letter you need and fill in the blanks.

It's important to understand that these letters aren't a substitute for face-to-face legal advice. You may need to get specific advice for your particular situation, and if you're worried at all, we encourage you to do so.

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Rights education

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If you want to teach a group of young people about their rights, the Rights Education Project gives you everything you'll need – accurate and readable training guides, teacher tips, slideshows, games and more.

Download one or all of the REP training modules - about anything from Your Rights at Work to Sex and Health or Drugs and Alcohol.

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Alcohol Licensing

Here you can find short films explaining your rights and how to object to alcohol licences. 

Contact the project team for further support.

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