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Communtity Law Manual | Consumer protection

Consumer protection

Your rights when you buy goods and services

What this chapter covers

  • Automatic guarantees when buying from a business
    The automatic guarantees you have under the Consumer Guarantees Act if you buy goods or services from a shop or other business
  • Protections against misleading or unfair trading
    The rules in the Fair Trading Act against various kinds of unfair trading – including misleading or deceptive conduct, making false or misleading claims and some other unfair practices
  • Protections when buying privately
    The protections available when you buy goods or services privately, rather than from a business, meaning your purchases aren’t covered by the Consumer Guarantees Act
  • Buying a motor vehicle
    The protections available when you buy motor vehicles from a dealer and the lesser protections when you buy one privately
  • Layby sales
    Special rules for when you buy on layby – this is where you get a shop to put an item aside for you while you’re paying it off
  • When sellers approach you uninvited
    How you’re protected when you buy from uninvited direct sales (like door-to-door sales) or are sent unsolicited goods and services
  • Extended warranties
    How you’re protected when you pay extra for a special warranty or guarantee, including your right to cancel it within 5 days
  • Quotes and estimates
    The difference between a quote and an estimate and what your rights and obligations are in each case
  • Where to go for more support
    Other information and resources
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