Urgent Call For Submissions Against No Cause Evictions

The government is proposing to introduce ‘no cause evictions’ in the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill. This change would give landlords the power to terminate any periodic tenancies with only 90-days notice – no reason required.

Renters have a right to know why they’re being kicked out of their homes. Landlords should not be given the power to evict people without reason. Removing the rights of renters means removing the rights of children, families, students, and the elderly. We all deserve the dignity to rent without being evicted without a reason.

What can you do?

Submissions are open for the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill via the NZ Parliament website and close on Wednesday 3rd of July.

Renters United have brought together a range of evidence that can be used to inform your submission. Renters United have also shared resources on their Facebook, Instagram, and X. Make sure to share the word that these changes affect us all.

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