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Deciding what happens to your property after you die

What this chapter covers

  • Introduction
    What a will is, whether you have to make one, some key legal words (like “probate” and “intestate”) and what they mean
  • Who’s who: Executors and other key people
    The key people involved in dealing with your will and your property after you die, including executors, administrators and trustees
  • Making a will
    How to make a will, including the rules for having your will signed and witnessed
  • Changing your will
    How to change your will if your situation has changed or you’ve changed your mind about what to do with your property
  • Challenges to your will after you die
    Ways your will might be challenged or not followed after you die – for example, a challenge from family members under the Family Protection Act or a court order under relationship-property laws
  • Where to go for more support
    Other information and resources
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