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Employment conditions and protections

Your minimum rights and protections at work

What this chapter covers

  • Your pay
    Minimum wage rates, overtime pay, equal pay, and when and how wages are paid
  • Hours, shifts and breaks
    Information about the standard working week, zero-hour contracts and availability (“on call”) clauses, when your shifts can be cancelled, and your rights to rest and meal breaks
  • Holidays and annual leave
    Your rights to a certain number of weeks of annual holidays (often called “annual leave”), and to public holidays like Christmas and Anzac Day (sometimes called “statutory” holidays)
  • Sick leave and other short-term leave
    Sick leave, bereavement leave and family violence leave
  • Parental leave
    The laws around different types of parental leave, how much paid parental leave you can get and how your job’s protected while you’re on leave
  • Flexible working
    The law about flexible working arrangements (including when and where you work), and special short-term flexibility for family violence victims
  • Health and safety protections
    Your employer’s legal responsibilities for health and safety in the workplace
  • Whistle-blower protections (“Protected disclosures”)
    How the law protects employees who give out information about serious wrongdoing by their employer
  • Where to go for more support
    Other information and resources


COVID-19 vaccinations and employment law

    As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the New Zealand government has introduced mandatory vaccines for some workers. See, “COVID 19 and employment law” for information on COVID-19 vaccination mandates and employment law.

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