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Travelling to and entering New Zealand


COVID-19 border restrictions

At the time of publication, entry to New Zealand from other countries is still strictly controlled to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. If you are not in a Quarantine-free Travel Zone you still have to go through Managed Isolation.

For more information on the current border entry requirements, see and search “New Zealand border entry requirements”.

Visas and entry permission

To get into New Zealand you need:

  • a visa, and
  • entry permission when you arrive.

You usually have to get a New Zealand visa from overseas before you arrive here, and if you don’t have a visa you won’t be allowed to board your flight here.

But many countries – basically all western countries and the wealthier Asian, Middle Eastern and South American countries – are covered by a New Zealand visa “waiver”. If you’re from one of those countries, you don’t need to get a visa first; instead you can apply for both a visa and entry permission when you arrive here (see below). Under new rules in force since October 2019 people covered by the visa waiver must apply for an Electronic Travel Authority (”ETA”) before they enter New Zealand.

You’ll usually be given entry permission if you have a visa, though it’s not guaranteed.

New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990, s 18

Note: All New Zealand citizens have the right to enter and leave New Zealand and move within it freely. If you’re not a New Zealand citizen but you’re here legally on a visa, you have the right to move around within New Zealand freely and to leave when you want.

Visas, visa waivers and Electronic Travel Authorities: Do I need a visa before I travel to New Zealand?

Boarding your flight to New Zealand: Airline and Immigration NZ checks

When you check in at the overseas airport for your flight to New Zealand, the airline and Immigration New Zealand will do a check of whether you’re allowed to travel here, including whether you’ve got a valid passport and visa. This is called the “Advance Passenger Processing” system. If everything is okay, Immigration NZ will give the airline clearance to let you board and travel to New Zealand.

You might not be allowed to board if you don’t hold an ETA or your visa isn’t current or isn’t the appropriate type of visa, or if your visa hasn’t yet been transferred over to your current passport or the passport you’re using to enter New Zealand.

Arriving in New Zealand: When and how do I get entry permission?

Once you arrive in New Zealand with your visa, you’ll need to apply for entry permission at the airport. If you don’t already have a visa because you’re from a “visa waiver” country, you show your ETA and apply for a visa and entry permission at the same time when you arrive.

Getting entry permission usually just involves giving an Immigration Officer your arrival card when you arrive (which you’ll have been given on your way to New Zealand), along with your passport and visa (if you’ve already got a visa) or ETA. You’ll also usually have to show the Immigration Officer that you’ve got travel tickets out of the country. Details of the requirements for travel tickets or adequate money or sponsorship are included in this chapter, see “Temporary Visas: Working, studying or visiting for a limited time” and “Residence Class Visas: Living in New Zealand permanently.

Immigration Act 2009, s 46

Having a visa doesn’t guarantee you entry permission once you arrive, but you’ll usually be granted it unless Immigration New Zealand has found some reason to exclude you in the time since they approved your visa application from overseas – for example, if they found that you left out some relevant information from your visa application. Having the visa indicates that, at the time it was granted, Immigration NZ had no reason to think you should be refused entry permission once you arrive.

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