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Communtity Law Manual | Mental health | Step 3: Following the assessment examination

The compulsory assessment process

Step 3: Following the assessment examination

What happens after the assessment examination?

Mental Health (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Act 1992, s 10

After the assessment examination, the health professional making the assessment must provide a certificate saying whether or not there are reasonable grounds to believe that you (the proposed patient) have a mental disorder – this is called the “certificate of preliminary assessment”. If they do think there are reasonable grounds, then you – now referred to as a “patient” – will be required to receive treatment for up to five days (see below in this section, “Step 4: The first period of assessment and treatment”).

You (the patient) will be given a copy of the certificate of preliminary assessment and a notice explaining this. A copy of the certificate and the notice must also be sent to:

  • the person who applied for you to be assessed
  • your principal caregiver (if you have one)
  • your GP
  • your welfare guardian (if you have one).

If the health professional doing the assessment doesn’t think that you have a mental disorder, you don’t have to have any further assessment or treatment.

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