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Communtity Law Manual | Community life | Neighbourhood life

Neighbourhood life

Responsibilities for you, your neighbours and your community

What this chapter covers

  • Dogs and other animals
    Your responsibilities as a pet owner, and care and control of your pet including registration, microchipping, and barking and dangerous dogs
  • Noise
    What the council can do if you make too much noise
  • Begging, busking and sleeping rough
    Your rights to ask people for money, perform in public for money and sleep outside
  • Outdoor fires
    Rules about outdoor fires
  • Trespassing
    The law on trespassing – warnings, trespass notices and offences
  • Fences
    Building and repairing fences, and fencing notices
  • Trees
    Your rights to trim and remove dangerous or overhanging trees
  • Where to go for more support
    Other information and resources
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