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Communtity Law Manual | Criminal Courts | Getting help from a victim adviser at the courts


Getting help from a victim adviser at the courts

Who are victim advisers, and how can they help?

Victim advisers are specialist court staff whose role is to help victims throughout the court process. They’re independent of the police. If you’re the victim of an offence, a victim adviser will help you by:

  • telling you what’s going on throughout the court case
  • telling you your rights under the Victims’ Rights Act and other Acts, and
  • helping you take part in the court process when you’re allowed to.

How does a victim make contact with a victim adviser?

After charges are laid against the defendant in court, a victim adviser will usually make contact with you and let you know how they can help. If the victim adviser doesn’t contact you, you can contact them by phoning the 0800 victims’ information line (0800 650654) or the District Court.

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