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Communtity Law Manual | Family violence & elder abuse | Using a power of attorney to plan for your future

Protection for older people against abuse or neglect

Using a power of attorney to plan for your future

The Protection of Personal and Property Rights Act 1988 (often referred to simply as “the 3PR Act”) is the main law in New Zealand that protects vulnerable adults, including the elderly, from abuse.

Vulnerable people can appoint one or more people to be their enduring power of attorney, if they feel might be at risk of ill-treatment. Similarly, people who have already appointed someone as their attorney under an enduring power of attorney are protected by the 3PR Act, which provides checks and balances on an attorney’s powers. For more information, see the chapter “Decision making and powers of attorney”. For information about the rights of disabled people, see the chapter “Disability rights”.

Other laws in New Zealand also protect vulnerable adults who are at risk of abuse. These are set out below.

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