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Communtity Law Manual | Accident compensation (ACC) | An internal “administrative” review: ACC reconsiders its decision

Challenging an ACC decision

An internal “administrative” review: ACC reconsiders its decision

Accident Compensation Act 2001, ss 133–164

An “administrative review” is an internal review where ACC reconsiders its own decision. ACC will:

  • look again at its decision and the reasons for it
  • hear from you about why you’re unhappy with the decision
  • consider any new information you may have.

For these internal reviews ACC simply examines the information that’s available. There’s no meeting or hearing.

When will an internal review happen?

An administrative review will happen:

  • if you specifically ask ACC to reconsider its decision internally, or
  • if you apply for an independent review (see “Independent reviews” in this section). In this situation, ACC will first do its own internal administrative review.

Who does the internal review?

The internal administrative review is carried out by the same ACC staff member who made the original decision, but it will then be checked by senior staff at that ACC branch.

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