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Communtity Law Manual | Accident compensation (ACC) | Making a claim and dealing with ACC

Making a claim and dealing with ACC

Making an ACC claim

How do I make an ACC claim?

You claim by lodging an ACC 45 Injury Claim Form. The form must always be completed by a treatment provider such as a doctor, physiotherapist or ambulance driver. Usually they will send the form to ACC for you. This is often done electronically.

How much time do I have to lodge my claim?

Accident Compensation Act 2001, s 53

You have to lodge your claim for ACC cover within 12 months after the date of your accident or injury.

Claims for particular ACC entitlements (as opposed to whether you’re covered by ACC in the first place) have to be lodged within 12 months after the date on which your need for the particular entitlement arose.

But ACC will still accept a claim that’s lodged outside those time limits, unless the lateness of the claim affects their ability to make decisions about the claim.

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